September 26, 2014


Asking generals on our "news" if they think we need more airstrikes and boots on the ground to fight ISIS is like asking an unemployed drag queen who has been out of the limelight if she'd like to join a big new traveling show. The answer will always be yes! However, the audiences in the drag queens' shows may die from laughter or over a gorgeous costume, the "audiences" in Pentagon officials shows just die. And then the relatives of the slain join terrorist groups which either attack us here as at 9/11 or the Boston Marathon Bombing or join groups like ISIS so that there will always be another enemy to got to war with. Because if the US isn't at war, the trigger-happy trolls who have bribed every politician from Obama on down don't get paid.

Here's a telling look at who pays some of those former military "experts" saying that we will need boots on the ground, as Obama swears we won't. They are paid to lie and many of you believe them simply because they're on the news. Even the generals still employed by the Pentagon are saying that the battle against ISIS will require a sustained effort with boots on the ground. While Obama says the opposite. Hmmm. Isn't Obama the commander-in--chief which makes him their boss? So why are they telling the news a different story from their chief? Because it's a well-rehearsed good cop/bad cop routine and we're falling for it again. It really is disgraceful. Of them. Of us.The country that's supposed to be weary of war.