September 17, 2014


This video is of a young woman who was raped by a fellow student at Columbia University. Her attacker is still at school and she chooses to drag the mattress on which she was raped in her dorm everywhere she goes on campus. It's a protest/art project that helps her process her grief. Whatever it takes, honey. This video will show that rape is not uncommon at Columbia and that the school lets some rapists get away with it. There's some emotional testimony here.
This is rape happening at an Ivy League school. Rape also happens a lot in the military, to both women and men. The military encourages victims not to report the attacks because it can set back their military careers. Like Columbia, it allows rape to happen and then when it is reported, sometimes sweeps it under the rug.
Then we see several prominent pro athletes abusing women and even their children. And the organizations which make money off the athletes care more about $ than the women.
Why are we elevating brutes and letting them off the hook when they repeatedly rape women? Can you look at these three examples happening now and deny that there is a culture of rape in this country? And there can't be a culture of anything unless a lot of people are doing it and a lot of other people are letting it exist without reporting it or speaking out. This video gave me a lot of insight into how some women don't speak out because they're afraid, or it's been too traumatic to drag themselves through a humiliating court case after such a violation.
If I wanted to get a little new age-y, I'd venture to say that greedy @ssholes in world governments who are mostly male are raping Mother Earth. This is ugly. And it won't change until the attitudes of saying nothing and permitting it also change.