September 15, 2014


Must have been one of those blackout nights. I remember trying to serve fish--at my current weight I'm serving whale--but I have zero recollection of throwing fish. Especially not at Courtney Love.

'I'm getting my confidence back': Courtney Love, 50, opens up about leaving her rocker past behind her for a new 'focused' life 

DAILY MAIL: 'My New York years were not a success,' she says. 'I was a big hustler. I worked in Times Square at a peep show. I squatted in the basement at [punk venue] ABC No Rio. 'That's before they had cement floors. I was sleeping on dirt. Once a month, I'd have to get up on stage while [drag queen performance artist] Lady Bunny would throw fish at me.

But I'd remember Dean aka Loretta Hogg bringing Frances Bean Cobain to see me perform at the Duplex when she was a toddler. When I came out she screamed "Mommy!"