September 15, 2014


"Wage theft"--hadn't heard of that tactic whereby your boss robs you. By making you pay for your uniform, by randomly changing your hours, by understaffing so that you do the work or two people. And because jobs are so hard to find, you'd better be glad for a crap job with poor working conditions because you may not get another one. And you may work that shit job until you die because way less people can afford to retire any more. I'm glad fast food workers are striking nationwide and demanding higher minimum wages--if their bosses are making huge profits and they can't feed their families on what they earn, it's time to share a little bit of the wealth. I don't think fast food workers, some with college degrees who can't find work in their chosen fields, are asking for deluxe retirement packages. Just a living wage. Instead they get "borderline sweatshop conditions"--are these the kind of jobs that have been added under the Obama administration? Create desperation and then see how hard you can exploit people and make them thankful for crappy jobs they can't afford to quit instead of no work at all.