September 15, 2014


The neighborhood that contains Stonewall, birthplace of gay rights in this country and has long been known for it's bohemian flavor has a new type of resident which frowns on drag show.  Another long-term Christopher Street bar featuring queens is struggling to stay open and wants to stay in the Village. Too bad about the new residents' prudishness. Lips put on nightly shows for almost a decade and I don't remember any issues with precious babies passing by in a stroller being emotionally scarred. Unless giantess Jason Robert Gerber´╗┐ was wearing the blue bouffant barrel curls. If you think your kid will be scarred by seeing a drag show, don't move to the f#cking West Village! Diandra was just talking about the color vanishing from certain neighborhoods. No color, no flavor. Hmmmm. Please remind me why we pay a fortune to live in shoeboxes again"?

Boots & Saddle Shot Down by Locals Fearing Noise and Kids Seeing Drag Shows

""What about the kids walking by?" she said, adding that she was worried about children seeing drag performances.