September 28, 2014


For all of you who ever looked at me and thought "That relic needs to be in a museum"--you got your wish! This Wednesday October 1st I'll perform an hour set at Mad Museum. Here's how they curated the performers, which include Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk, Andre Walker, Ralph Pucci, Yoko Ono and the Metropolitan Opera. It's all very fancy and but is also very inexpensive and almost sold out! Ticket info below:

MAD MUSEUM: "Makers were nominated by a pool of over 300  New York City-based cultural leaders and civic figures from a range of trades and disciplines, including museum curators, choreographers, academics, chefs, musicians, and journalists, with final participants selected by a jury led by Adamson and exhibition curator Jake Yuzna. From world-renowned cultural leaders to emergent enfants terribles, every maker selected demonstrates the highest level of skill in their respective field, whether by fabricating furniture or fashion; creating artworks, films, and architecture; inventing new possibilities for food; or reshaping educational and social gatherings.

The exhibition is structured as a series of immersive tableaus that present the diverse creative output of makers alongside one another. These environments will house live programs throughout the exhibition’s run, including fashion shows, performances, social practice projects, and culinary explorations, which will underline the relationship between material and immaterial making found in New York City today. Through this approach, NYC Makers will transform MAD into a production studio that links creative, innovative, and skillful makers into one immense collaborative undertaking: an undertaking that manifests the cultural capital of New York."