September 28, 2014


In a speech at the UN Climate Summit in New York, the president announced new actions that the US will take in confronting climate change and climate impacts at home and abroad. He laid out the shared responsibilities of all nations, and committed the United States to ambitious next steps. 

Tell President Obama that America is ready for him to follow through on the promises he made today. 

The president called on the assembled world leaders to act, saying, "Our citizens keep marching, we cannot pretend we cannot hear them. We have to answer the call." 

And he's right -- the People's Climate March drew400,000 people to the streets of New York City before today's historic meeting of the United Nations. Those voices calling for climate justice and clean energy got the world's attention. They set the stage for President Obama's announcement today. 

In his speech, the president said: 
- America will meet our goals on reducing greenhouse gas emissions
- We will put ambitious reduction targets on the table for next year's UN climate meeting
- That all of the world's major economies have a responsibility to do the same 

Take action now to make sure that these promises become reality. Send the president 50,000 messages by midnight so he'll know America is ready to lead. 

When world leaders meet again next year in Paris, they'll remember the president's speech today and they'll remember the huge energy of the People's Climate March on Sunday. It's up to you to make sure they'll also remember that America is ready to keep its climate promises. 

Michael Brune
Sierra Club Executive Director