September 29, 2014


After never visiting Hawaii, a couple of years ago I ended up working there three times in one year. I immediately hit it off with Hector R. Hoyos aka HRH Sisterface, a large and lovely diva who's known for her trippy vibe which includes acid colors and fanciful flowered turbans. A good time girl with a huge heart and a laugh like an earthquake, Sisterface is now not only an ordained minister available for those gay couples who want to be married by a plus-sized Mrs. Roper in Hawaii on acid impersonator, but also now a recording artist. She and her husband Grant have both turned me onto a lot of great dance music--hailing from the Baltimore/DC area and a contemporary of Kevin Aviance--Miss Face has added recording artist to her repertoire. Working with Man Parrish and producers like Aspen Bizarre Disco, miss thing has found her sound. An energetic mishmash of disco sound with nonsensical yet cheerful spoken lyrics. Check it out!