October 10, 2013


I didn't know that was my facebook Linda Tolbert in this cool John Sex video. April Palmieri is also in it looking gorgeous! Video by Tom Rubnitz, who is best known to the internet generation as the director of the viral video Pickle Surprise. John Sex was the Pyramid's Golden Boy, as sweet and fun as he was devilishly handsome. We were all sure he'd be the next big thing and there were many crushes coming his way. His song even had a video! Love the lyric "I been with queens, I been with whores. I'll make your p#ssy jump out your drawers!" Tom, John and Wendy are gone and very much missed! But they left us a taste of this vibrant NYC scene. I never like the high energy meets rock sound very much, but I love Tom's touches like the egg on the cleavage, the sausage and of course, Linda's adorable braces!