October 08, 2013


Check out this warped, sanctimonious dunce who is allowed to teach our children. She imagines that she has god on her side. And to think, her type often feels that gays should be allowed to teach children because their ways might rub off on students. How about the ways of a teacher who twists biblical fairy tales to suit her bigotry, sympathizes with a murderer, and can't understand that one of her flock is transgendered, which is a recognized psychological condition, and might need help. She even questions the appropriateness of a vigil after the shooting death of a kid who asked someone of the same sex to be their valentine. Someone so backward isn't fit to be an educator. She calls the peaceful memorial for the slain kid "gay pride and it seems to have made her uncomfortable." Almost every religion is the enemy of gays. We all know it and it's time to cut the crap and stop respecting these @ssholes' beliefs when they so blatantly disrespect us. Or you can kiss equal rights goodbye. GAWKER: Teacher of Murdered Gay Student Says She Relates to His Killer MORE: GAWKER