October 07, 2013


The sad truth is that the goal of both US political parties is to rob the poor to keep the rich wealthy. That's what this shutdown is about--to create a desperate situation where Democrats are "forced' to make these chained CPI cuts to Social Security. Or to Medicaid. Or veterans' benefits, which plenty of policy-makers recommended cutting (including Obama) in the last debt ceiling "crisis." In public, they chant "our great men and women in uniform" while on paper they propose cuts to veterans' health care. Even without the proposed cuts, the waiting lists for soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder is absurdly long. Can you imagine being sent to fight for questionable goals and then returning to have to fight for the f#cking health care that was promised to you? That's the "support" we offer our troops? And it's all a charade. Obamacare is a way to make us think we're getting real health care reform when we're actually just recruiting for the insurance companies, who are already making record profits, tons of new customers. Fining those of us who don't want to buy into it. Obama just campaigned in the last election on raising taxes on those making over $450,000 and up. Surely, you recall this because this promise riled us up at the time and got many of us to vote for him. George W. Obama got into office and immediately slashed that number to raising taxes on the top $250,000 and up. So he got the people's vote by campaigning for greater income equality and then went right back to serving the rich once in office. He campaigned for strong unions with his "I'll put on my comfortable shoes and march with you" applause line, then abandoned labor unions once in office while they suffered crippling defeats in Wisconsin and Michigan. The people of this country recently spoke up against war in Syria and got their way. That was democracy at work and it was truly magnificent! We, the average voters, actually sorted through the war propaganda on our "news" BY OURSELVES, dismissed Obama's iffy motives for war, got in the faces of members of Congress at town hall meetings and made it very clear that we would not reelect anyone who wanted more war. Congress then had to explain the our war-hungry president that they couldn't win a vote for military action in Syria. Liberals, democrats and even tea partiers were in agreement on this. We found our voice with Syria. When will we use it to speak up and say we are sick of government serving corporations and the 1% over the rest of the people? Or have we even realized that yet? And no, this is not something Hillary can solve. This is a fundamental re-working of our domestic policy back towards hard-hit workers who are the vast majority of us. We just re-worked foreign policy and shut down war-hungry liars and crooks.... Or am I way too optimistic for a Monday morning?