October 05, 2013


So with Obamacare, if you already have insurance you can expect nothing? No reduction in price of coverage at all? How great! People without insurance can now buy it for the first time a little more cheaply and not be turned down if they have preexisting conditions. But the end results is that our horrible insurance industry gets more customers. And if you're over 26 and can't remain on your parents' plans, you are mandated to buy insurance for the first time in history. Maybe if Obama hadn't done such a half-assed job and actually reformed the health care industry, more people would be fighting for it. I imagine that's why he's done such a poor job of explaining the coverage--for many it isn't that great. Since I have insurance, I'm likely to see no change. Corporate politicians like Obama never work for the people, only for industry. Obamacare is a win for the insurance/big pharma industries which he should have reformed, not mandated more customers for.