October 08, 2013


Though US military strikes last week in Libya and Somalia were described as merely apprehending a top terrorist, the US is constantly intervening all over the world for reasons that, if Jeremy Scahill is to be believed, don't even make sense. Speaking of early 2000s: "The U.S. then covertly partners with the Ethiopian dictatorship and Ethiopia launches an overt invasion of Somalia to overthrow of Islamic Courts Union. The fact that they were called Islamic probably — you know, Bush is like batting a ball of yarn in the back while Dick Cheney is running the country and they hear Islamic and it’s like, oh, we got to overthrow them. So, I mean, that’s basically what happened. It was this knee-jerk reaction." The US is despised all over the world as bullies and we are actively creating terrorists worldwide to come back and sting us here. Some of the terrorists spurred into action are already US citizens from Minnesota, where there is a large Somalian population. And then we theorize that 9/11 is a result of terrorist hating our freedoms. No, it's also a result of many countries, especially muslim countries who share a religious bond that bypasses national boundaries, hating the fact that the US is acting as a terrorist with it's constant meddling and so they seeking revenge. In giving some historical background on the recent shooting in Kenya, Jeremy offers this shocker: "In the early 2000’s, the Bush Administration made a disastrous decision to put all of these warlords on the CIA payroll and they came up with this name called The Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism. I tracked down some of these warlords when I was in Somalia and in Kenya. They, basically, had them acting as an assassination squad. Most Somalia experts said that there were no more than a dozen Al Qaeda-connected individuals in Somalia right after 9/11. So, the CIA hires these warlords ostensibly to go in and hunt these people down. Well, they end up murdering vast numbers of people who were imams or religious scholars, and in some cases, I was told that they would literally like chop peoples heads off and then bring them to their American liaison and say this is so and so, and I’ve killed them." Funny how Obama tried to claim that the use of sarin by Syria's Assad would force them to invade. Sarin use is so cruel (to the children!) that the US couldn't tolerate it with a clear conscience--even though we still don't know if Assad or the rebels who we sought to help used the gas. Yet the sanctimonious, hypocritical US will hire thugs to behead people to destabilize governments they don't like. Not to mention that destabilizing governments leads to the rise of fundamentalist muslim groups like Al Quaeda. Or brutal dictators like Assad. The US doesn't have the moral authority to police the world. Wake up to the fact that we are the world's largest terrorist organization.