October 08, 2013


My work is done in San Francisco and have a few glorious days off with spectacular weather. Been catching up with Heklina, La Moni, Matthew Martin, Fudgie Frottage, Veronica Klaus and more. And reconnecting with former New Yorkers David Glamamore and Ebony Jett. Today, I'm headed to Oakland to visit the lovely Jeanie Tracy, who always has a great tale to tale. In addition to her own slew of solo dance hits like Cha Cha Heels, she sang with Sylvester and told me that he referred to You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) "You Make Me Feel (Might Ill)". One time Martha Wash asked her "Girl, what are you singing?" when they were performing Dance Disco Heat. Instead of the actual lyrics "Cooking on my feat to the disco heat", Jeanie was singing "Cookies on my feet with the disco meat." !!!