September 15, 2005


Ok, I know that laughing at the fact that Dubya shits is infantile. But what I love is the idea that and would be reporting on stuff like this. The press, now that Bush has been branded unpoopular, is willing to take any potty shot at him, no matter how insignificant and childish. Trust me. The media has done their market research and like any old ham-bone performer, they give 'em what they want. So people must really be indicating, through feedback to news outlets, their desire to Bush Bash. It's now "in." Hooray!

Today, White House correspondent Danna Bash previewed the president's NOLA address tonight saying (quoting from pot-addled memory here) "that the goal of tonight's speech was to show the American people that he cares." Clearly, the 2 weeks worth of devastation in NOLA only images can't be spun in Dubya's favor this time. Candy Crowley, with glossy, newly colored burgundy locks and (for her) heavy eye make-up, snickered that the Bush team is already issuing rebuttals to the inevitable criticisms of his speech, even though the public doesn't know for sure what's in it! Meaning: those bastards know they're fucked!

Are democratic leaders stepping up to the plate, dropping well-planned bombs on the Bush administration? Nope. Is there any unified democratic leadership? C'mon people! Democrats need to be a little more cut-throat a la Delay. Let's kick this muddled bastard while he's down and then use it to smear the whole republican party and their greed over public safety/concerns so that they won't have a chance of re-election. Link Katrina to his father's downfall in popularity over HIS hurricane scandal and smear the whole Bush dynasty. Get creative, for chrissakes! Now's you're chance. Trot out Barbra and the Rolling Stones and Green Day and Kanye West for a nationwide peace tour. They've all got new records out. Make some waves! Yeah, that's it! Add Katrina and the Waves to the roster to sing WALKIN' ON SUNSHINE. (Actually, they did plan a solo album called TURNING THE TIDE but I think they yanked it's release after the hurricane hit.)

Reuters Photog Captures Bush at U.N. With 'Bathroom Break' Note

By E&P Staff

Published: September 14, 2005 7:35 PM ET updated Thursday 9:30 AM
NEW YORK In what seems destined to become one of the most joked about photos of the month, a well-known Reuters photographer on Wednesday captured President George W. Bush scribbling a note to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a session at the United Nations. On the note is a message revolving around the need to take a "bathroom break."

The photo, which appeared on Reuters' official photo site, was quickly published all over the Web, though dismissed by some as a likely photoshop special. Others suggestged that surely someone must have hacked the Reuters site. But a Reuters spokesman on Thursday told E&P the photo was legit.

"The photographer and editors on this story were looking for other angles in their coverage of this event, something that went beyond the stock pictures of talking heads that these kind of forums usually offer," explained Reuters' Stephen Naru. "This picture certainly does that."

The photo by Denver-based Rick Wilking, taken over a man's shoulder, shows an official -- identified in the caption as President Bush -- scribbling in pencil on a small white piece of paper that already contains the words: "I think I MAY NEED A BATHroom break?" It is unclear if Bush is in the process of responding to that message or wrote it himself.


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