September 14, 2005


Something about this former exterminator always "bugged" me. Hmmm. Now 2 more of his associates are busted for criminal conspiracy to violate election law in Texas. Do the "conspiracy" theories that Bush stole the White House twice seem so far-fetched now? Delay is the House Majority leader. Think his crony Bush is so different? Under the cloak of religion, these weasels will stop at NOTHING!

Grand Jury Indicts Two DeLay Associates

AUSTIN (Sept. 13) - Two associates of U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay were indicted Tuesday on additional felony charges of violating Texas election law and criminal conspiracy to violate election law for their role in the 2002 legislative races.

The indictment was the latest from a grand jury investigating the use of corporate money in the campaigns that gave Republicans control of the Texas House.

In Texas, state law prohibits using corporate contributions to advocate the election or defeat of state candidates.

The two men indicted Tuesday, Jim Ellis, who heads Americans for a Republican Majority, and John Colyandro, former executive director of Texans for a Republican Majority, already faced charges of money laundering in the case. Colyandro also faces 13 counts of unlawful acceptance of a corporate political contribution.

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Hmm, curious that I missed the national press coverage of that story

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