September 14, 2005


Bush admitted yesterday that he bungled the federal response to Katrina. Wow! This administration never admits to any of it's heinous crimes. Remember how they were dragged into other commissions? Bush refusing to be grilled unless Cheney would hold his hand and Condo-loser Rice refusing to take an oath? Rotted, lying crooks! So Bush's admission of guilt can ONLY mean that his feet are really in the fire over Katrina, and only by taking a little of the blame can he take the heat off his miserable ass without admitting to the mother lode of mishandlings which will surely spew forth if there is an independent commission investigating this! So if you want him out, or even if you like him and want to know the truth for once, SIGN THIS PETITION AND PASS IT ON TO OTHERS. I really don't see how anyone could NOT sign it. Even if it's out of self-preservation. If this boob responded poorly to THEIR natural disaster, how the hell is he going to be equipped to protect your ass should the need arise? This is asking for an independent, bi-partisan commission. How on earth could you NOT want that, regardless of your own party affiliations?


In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, it's clear that we're less safe than we thought. Four years after September 11th, the federal government failed to respond to an emergency every bit as dire as a terrorist attack—and it is likely thousands died.

We need an independent Katrina Commission, modeled after the 9/11 Commission, to find out what went wrong. But the White House, working off a "Don't Look Back" strategy, refuses to consider one.1 Instead, President Bush has suggested that he and his Republican allies in Congress will lead the investigation—a recipe for a cover up.2

Will you sign our petition for an independent Katrina Commission?

Senators, including many moderate Republicans, are deciding whether to support a Katrina Commission modeled after the 9/11 Commission, this week. We need a really big number of people to sign the petition to show senators and representatives how much support there is for the Katrina Commission.

President Bush will address the nation about Hurricane Katrina on Thursday.3 We'll start delivering the petitions to Congress starting Friday morning so senators and representatives will hear what you think the very next day. The goal is to get 250,000 petition signers quickly. So, after you sign the petition please forward this e-mail to your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to sign it too.

Here's why we need a Katrina Commission:

We need to learn from Hurricane Katrina. The scale of the disaster makes it urgent that we learn from mistakes. The government can't investigate itself. That means appointing an independent group of experts to sort through the data.

We need to find the other Michael Browns. Yesterday, FEMA director Michael Brown resigned. Brown had no experience in emergency management—his last job was as the director of the International Arabian Horses Association. And there are many other political appointees like him who could get in the way during a future emergency.

When President Bush investigates his own government, no one is held accountable. When Bush and his allies have led investigations in the past, they've been whitewashes. The WMD Commission, led by Republicans in the Senate, concluded that no one was really to blame for the falsified intelligence about WMDs in Iraq. And the White House was entirely opposed to the 9/11 Commission until victims' families made it a politically impossible position.
The 9/11 Commission is a good model for the Katrina Commission. It was independent, bipartisan and provided all Americans with an honest and frank assessment of what happened on September 11th—they even published the results as a book. Support for the Katrina Commission is growing. New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton introduced legislation last week that would establish the one.


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I wish this would end up like one of those old cartoons in which the villianous culprit is relocated by proof of his own dishonesty from a place privelege and esteem to that of humility and an admission of defeat and the hero moves from initial victimship to ultimate safety and deliverance. For example, Condoleezza (there's another one of those ludicrous made up names) Rice would actually end up as a condo leaser.

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