April 14, 2015


We've got lawmakers in Congress angling for war with Iran--and undermining the nuclear deal Obama is trying to strike.This headline reads that some of these lawmakers seem to have forgotten the immense damage they did by voting for the completely unnecessary Iraq war. And Bob Corker claims to have enough votes to override a veto from Obama. But just think--would Hillary even consider a veto against war in Iran?
Now we said in the last election that America is tired of war and nation-building abroad. That's why Obama won, even though after he won he went back into Iraq and Afghanistan and fudged the withdrawal dates several times. We never really left Pakistan but those are mainly drone wars, so they don't count. Oh, and added a few new spats in Syria, Ukraine, Yemen--I've lost count. Well, the America that's tired of war is in for years of disappointment. All GOP candidates represent eternal war except possibly Rand Paul. And Democrats have only one choice who is both a friend of Israel which wants war with Iran and who was one of those misinformed, bloodthirsty senators who voted for the Iraq war. That's why she lost to Obama two terms ago. Go ahead and talk to me about Hillary being the lesser of two evils. But the Iraq war was very evil and it's still going on today. 
One million Iraqis died in the Iraq war. They never attacked the US or were a threat to us. And Hillary helped! Gee, I wish she cared as much about all people as she does gay people. How could she be so supportive of one group and then vote to use our tax dollars to murder a million people when there was no evidence against them? Oh, that's right. Gays have fundraisers for her so she supports us. Defense contractors have fundraisers for her too. Sorry, muslims! Y'all need to give her some money...or else! War's back in the headlines. Get used to it. You're paying for it. That's a nice thought while you're doing your taxes!