April 14, 2015


Hillary is not only likely to make history as the first female democratic nominee for president. She's also be making history another way. This is the first time that there hasn't been a democratic party challenger for the White House democratic primary challenger for the White House since Johnson took over from a dead JFK in 1964, which explains his lack of opponents. Hillary is the result of how far the Democrats have sunk as a party. Is this all ya got? No difference of voices, no fresh ideas, just the coronation of the candidate with the most money. And yet you dream that you're free and that your America wants to spread democracy all over the world. We don't even have it here!

A few tidbits from the press: Yesterday, Barney Frank was explaining Hillary's policies to Mika whatever her name is on MSNBC's Morning Joe. Someone needs to explain them after that vague video announcement. But you'd think that a former senator from the liberal stronghold of Massachusetts might hold her feet to the fire a bit more.

Barney claimed that Hillary would take on Wall Street. Um, sorry Barney! Try telling that to all of her top donors--who are from Wall Street. Yes, the Wall Street taxpayers bailed out when they crashed the economy. Yes, Wall Street that caused the mortgage crisis. Yes, Wall Street where CEOs are making record profits while most of us are barely out of a recession.

Barney claimed that Hillary would be the first president to make addressing climate change an upfront issue in her campaign. Yet she encourages fossil fuel production and has been silent on the Keystone pipeline. And scientists recently claimed that 80% of fossil fuels needed to stay in the ground to keep the disaster that's here from becoming much worse. Either you support fossil fuels or want to halt climate change. Can't do both! But didn't she look cute at that gas station campaign stop? She's so folksy now!

Barney was correct in saying that Hillary, unlike any of the Republican candidates, will not repeal Obamacare. Whew! She won't repeal Obama's version of Romneycare which was a step towards reform when we needed a leap. Most other industrialized nations have state health care and pay less for almost every procedure and pill. But that's too much to expect from the USA. We readily embrace corrupt politicians because they're the lesser of two evils.

Barney also mentioned women's issues. I get it. She's a woman who's been a daughter, a mother, and a grandmother. So therefore, she's concerned with women's issues. I guess that means equal pay for women and abortion rights. So women, if those are your main issues, Hillary is your best bet. If you aren't as concerned with equal pay because you don't have a job, maybe she's not the candidate for you. Under Obama, Democrats became the party of trying to export jobs through the TPP. That's the secret trade agreement that Obama is trying to ram through Congress and it's opponents call it "NAFTA on steroids." (Hillary's husband passed NAFTA.) And will that equal pay for women even extend to Walmart? Hillary was on their board for years and they are the preeminent poster child for abusing unions and individual employees with no benefits, keeping workers part time so that they won't qualify for benefits and can't even afford to shop there.

It's nuts to think "Her a woman. Me a woman. Me vote her and her gonna do me right." How did that work out with Obama, our first president of color? Blacks have been hit hardest by the recession, their voting rights are being compromised 50 years after Selma and people are out in the streets all over the nation protesting policemen who kill black men and don't get charged. So if Hillary is as beneficial to women as Obama was for blacks, get ready for sharia law. But look on the bright side. You don't have to fuss with your hair as much in a burqa.

I caught Rachel Maddow last night interviewing a key Clinton campaign operative. After the interview, she thanked him heartily for appearing on her show. It was an attempt to brown nose which turned into a back-handed compliment. She thanked him because, she said, the Clinton campaign was notoriously secretive. How can you be secretive when running for president and you have to do interviews all the time? Here's how. You have no challengers and all the money in your party locked up. There won't be a primary debate because the other losers in your party tow the party line right down into the drain. So you can win by simply not being Republican. And tweeting from gas stations and other homey locations designed to fool us that you aren't who you were when you lost last time.