July 17, 2013


On HBO's The Out List, I griped that conservative gays have often tried to subtract drag queens, transsexuals and street people from their important part in starting the gay rights movement at Stonewall. Well, they're still trying it! I guess the Stonewall participants who weren't invited to the dedication of this plaque aren't classy enough to hang with the politicians, Broadway producers and gay marriage advocates who were invited. Maybe the people who had the nerve to riot in the first place need to be whitewashed so that straights will be more likely to accept us. Maybe we can assimilate into boring straight culture so completely that we not only fight their stupid wars, get married and dance to their garbage pop, but we can actually progress to the point where dykes suck c@ck and fags eat p#ssy! Then we'll truly be equal! WE'LL BE EXACTLY THE SAME! I DON'T CARE! I LOVE IT! MORE: GAYCITYNEWS