July 14, 2013


Anyone calling in 46 times in 11 years about suspicious black people should be regarded as a crackpot and not be given a gun. I'm not saying that there was never a suspicious black person in Zimmerman's neighborhood. Hell, I was a teen who participated in suspicious behavior. But 46 calls about one race? This is the guy who you allow to be on neighborhood watch with a weapon? Here's three of of Zimmerman's "emergencies" that he called 911 about. I'm just glad he didn't shoot them, too. 43. Jan. 29, 2012 – 5:38 p.m. Type: TEL Subject: Disturbance Report: Children “running and playing in the street” 42. Dec. 10, 2011 – 5:29 p.m. Type: TEL Subject: Disturbance Report: “At the club house” … “Male subject [arrived on scene] that thought he was employed by” Zimmerman … “Subj is expected to get paid for serving food.” … Zimmerman “said that he didn’t wish him to serve at the [event]” … Zimmerman “hired someone else, subj sounded upset and wants to get paid” 36. April 22, 2011 – 7:09 p.m. Type: TEL Subject: Suspicious activity Report: Juvenile black male “apprx 7–9” years old, four feet tall “skinny build short blk hair” last seen wearing a blue t-shirt and blue shorts TRAYVONMARTINMURDERCASE: "In the past 11 years, George Zimmerman has made 46 calls reporting suspicious black people that he spotted in his neighborhood. One might think that George Zimmerman is either highly paranoid, lives in the worst neighborhood on the planet, or is guilty of racial profiling. You may listen to these 911 calls in the video below." MORE: TRAYVONMARTINMURDERCASE