July 13, 2013


DRAG-OONS: SOUND OFF! Most queens who wear false eyelashes swear by Duo's adhesive which has been on the market for years. Well, right after Max Factor's treasured heavy coverage Pan-Stik was taken off the market, now Duo has yanked their familiar white tubes and are now hawking some complete crap called Brush Strips which doesn't work at all. Am I the only one noticing this? I'm heading out to dj in a field and while I love to have my luxurious lashes fluttering seductively, one gust of wind is gonna knock them off thanks to Duo's supposed improvements. Guess we'll have to start ordering the old kind from Drugstore.com. Like we did Pan-Stick--before they discontinued it. It's getting harder to be a booger! But if something has worked for decades, don't replace it with an "improved" version which don't work!