July 14, 2013


I woke up to an email from Ben Jealous, the head of the NAACP, asking me to sign a petition urging Attorney General Eric Holder to have the Department Of Justice file civil rights charges against Zimmerman. What a joke! You want justice from Eric Holder? WHo said after Bush attacked Iraq for no reason that impeachment was "off the table" shortly after he took office? Who refused to prosecute Goldman Sachs for profiting from recommending that their clients make investments they knew would flop and even joked about the suckers in eternal emails? And who responds to criticism about the awful job he's doing with "You know, I'm African-American." The most criticized member of Obama's cabinet plays the race card and even accused his detractors of playing "Washington gotcha games"---so he's resorting to Sarah Palin's defense of her moronic blunders to the press? "Gotcha" is a pathetic trick to discredit your accusers without actually addressing any merit in their accusations. Wallstreetmortgagefraud.com: "This pathetic, manipulative, racist accusation is consistent with Holder's record as the executioner of the rule of law. Besides guns to Mexico and election law tampering, Holder has made the rule of law optional. Immigration, marijuana, and education are but some of his political interferences with enforcement of the law. His worst, however, is his utter failure to prosecute the rich and powerful Wall Street perpetrators of mortgage fraud.Time after time, now, DOJ has said there was nothing criminal about Wall Street mortgage fraud. This view parrots the President, who said two weeks after inauguration, and before any investigations, "Let's look forward, not backward.", and his declaration last week that Wall Street did nothing "...illegal, that's why we need new laws." That is simply rubbish." SO WE HAVE AN ATTORNEY-GENERAL WHO CONSISTENTLY LOOKS THE OTHER WAY AS CRIMES ARE COMMITTED BY POWERFUL PEOPLE. AND THE NAACP IS EXPECTING JUSTICE FROM HIM? DREAM ON! HE'S A WIMP APPOINTED BY OBAMA TO REFLECT OBAMA'S OWN WIMPY POSITIONS. That Obama quote "Let's look forward, not backward" means let's let crime and injustice go unpunished. I'd like to think, as the NAACP seems to, that a black attorney-general and president might stand strong on a case like Trayvon's, which clearly involves racial profiling. But unfortunately, these two wimps only stand strong on the behalf of the rich and powerful and when they are demolishing our civil rights and spying on us. For some reason, the "wimps" become very aggressive and effective in those cases. Why should we expect a fair legal system in Florida when Obama and Holder have turned justice in the whole country upside down?