May 13, 2011


Rachel's blistering reportage on ex-Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, who stepped down before he was forced to. Ensign had an affair with an employee and until the husband found out. She broke it off and they both got severance pay. The husband is under indictment and Ensign isn't. And this is who makes our laws. This is more scandalous and fun than a soap opera but takes a minute to kick in. Rachel's on fire!

I have little in common with a republican senator from Nevada, but this tale can only be explained by a guy making a complete fool of himself for love so I halfway understand why he took this so far. Even dragging his parents into it--they put up the $96,000 of hush money for the fired couple.

Also very interesting to note that Ensign was one of several roommates at C Street DC dorm for "christian" senators affiliated with The Family--a right wing fundamentalist think tank which helped to craft the Death to Gays bill in Uganda which was just softened today. Obama really disappointed me by speaking at The Family's annual "Prayer Breakfast."

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According to Ed Schultz, a new poll shows that 90% of Americans blame speculators for the high gas prices. Really? You rarely get 90% agreement on anything--do 90% of Americans even know what speculators are? I wish the poll had asked them that one. Seems to me like people are just mad and want to lash out. I know that speculators are investors who monkey around with prices but couldn't describe how the process works. I would be shocked if 90% even knew what their problems were--much less pinpointed their causes.

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