May 11, 2011


Has Beyonce's single tanked way worse than Judas? It dropped down to #163 on itunes. I really like the brazilian meets marching band beat--too bad it drops out in the awful downer of a pre-chorus. I hate the "song" which is really just a shout-out to women chant a la Single Ladies with the same "empowering to women" message of Destiny's Child Independent Women. How empowering that Beyonce, already a sexpot with her modest bust size, felt the need to get a couple of boob jobs. If you're "singing" about power to women, stop giving power to men and the horrible women-bashing values system which dictates that only ladies with big, fake boobs are worthy of our attention. Although I like some of her undeniable smashes, I'm not a Beyonce fan. But she's already considered a premiere beauty icon with tons of sex appeal. Nobody has seemed to mind her regular-sized boobs yet so why does she feel the need to change them? I guess girls don't run the world so shut up, Beyonce!

Of course there's a mention of how she's still "hood." LOL!

In B's typical fashion, the song features overproduced harmonies with a nursery rhyme melody--why not just write a nice melody and then sweeten that with intricate harmonies? Not overproduce a crap non-melody. Start with something good and THEN spice that up! It's pretty surprising that with all of her marketing the her single new single would drop and then flop. Oh! I forgot that only a video teaser with an international theme has yet to launch. And of course, the music doesn't have to be any good if the video catches us and drives it in to our skulls. But should music be about the visuals? To idiots, yes. They hear with their eyes.

And here's a bizarre "review" by a kooky but sexy pair of twins. However, I do agree with them about hating Nicki Minaj and Drake and wondering why there are only a few artists being played on every station. It's not only in hip-hop. Rihanna just re-released S&M with Britney and Britney just re-released Till The World Ends with Nicki and Ke$ha on it. Re-released them almost immediately after their first release! And of course, tired-ass Glee will cover the tunes and add a 3rd version to the charts within a week. I think I have an answer as to why only a few artists are getting played--BECAUSE THEIR RECORD COMPANIES PAY THE RADIO STATIONS TO PLAY THEM. Now you twins,shut and and gang bang me! One in each end bring a muthafuckin' friend. Or relative. Why is that hot? Because it inches towards qualifying as incest?