May 11, 2011


Featuring Willie Ninja and his incredible moves in some cute fringed tights. I MISS HER! This must be really old cuz I think I saw Fidel who died before Boybar closed. Fidel was a real sweetheart--unless you happened to be a Japanese high end clothing store. The japanese didn't have tight security back then so when some of the voguers were booked in Japan, they'd come home with suitcases full of mopped designer duds. And Kenny Kenny was featuring his marcelled hairdo and his original face! Princess Xtravaganza was already on her back doing the new way vogue long before it was popular! Oh, and you must catch a pre-hormones Connie Fleming giving a wild spin!

And the re-vamped piers may be cute, but I miss the old carryings on! If you really want to take it back--the piers were better when there was parking there cuz you could find your trade and do it in they car, OKAY GURL?