December 13, 2010


A feisty old man named Bernie Sanders spoke for 9 hours on the senate floor last week. 9 HOURS! In addition to the stunt making him a perfect spokesman for Depends adult diapers, Bernie's dedication is much appreciated. He spoke about the foolishness of Obama and the Republicans wanting to give tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% in a recession. For 9 hours! Can you please make 2 quick calls to your senators to let him know you agree with him?


Later today, the Senate is expected to vote on the awful White House tax deal—and no one knows how this vote is going to come out.

Opposition to the deal has been growing by the hour ever since the deal was announced. And now's the time for progressives to demand that our voices be heard—just like Bernie Sanders did on Friday when he spoke on the floor of the Senate for an incredible nine hours in opposition to the deal.