December 11, 2010


It doesn't matter who's selling it. I guess Obama thinks we're so dumb that if he sends out a president from more prosperous times to hawk his mess, we'll buy it. Dream on.

Why Bill Clinton's Favorable View of Obama's Tax Deal Should Be Disregarded by Robert Reich

"Continuing the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, including a sharp cut in the estate tax, violates these core principles. Doing so in the midst of an economic emergency that demands bold measures to rescue America's vast middle and working class adds further insult. For President Obama and former President Clinton to tell America there's "no other choice" or that "this is the best we can do" -- when Democrats remain putatively in control of the House, Senate, and the presidency -- is misleading."

"ADDS FURTHER INSULT." Why is he insulting the people who elected him and licking th @ss of those who despise him?