December 10, 2010


The nation was in shock after 9/11. Some brave worker bees risked their health to aid in rescue and clean up. They got sick breathing fumes but carried on. Some were lied to about the degree of health risks. Republicans are the first to beat their breasts and use 9/11 to justify anything from the Patriot Act to torture to raising threat levels to war. Yet they will gladly vote along party lines to deny medical aid to 9/11 rescue workers. Please explain this position to me. They clearly won't budge on anything as popular as medical aid to 9/11 rescue workers. If you can understand this, please let me know.

Republicans block Bill that would pay for 9/11 rescue workers'healthcare by The New York Times

WASHINGTON - Republican senators yesterday blocked Democratic legislation that sought to provide medical care to rescue workers and others who became ill as a result of breathing in toxic fumes, dust and smoke at the site of the 9/11 World Trade Centre attack.