June 04, 2010


Last night on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow interviewed two of the board members who are on the presidential commission to oversee the gulf spill. Bob Graham is a retired senator from Florida. Sorry, but most democratic politicians from Florida are actually republican because the state is so conservative. William Reilly is a fo...rmer EPA administrator under Bush. Which means that he is not at all concerned with the environment he was hired to protect.

Obama selected William Reilly for this job? Really? No, Reilly! Ba-dum-pum! A republican who's worked for decades in the oil industry? How absurd. Obama either
thinks we're stupid or that we aren't paying attention. He's dead
wrong. Check this out from Maddow's blog:

As Obama spoke, he was flanked by the two co-chairs of the
bipartisan National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
and Offshore Drilling. The Republican co-chair, William K. Reilly, has
spent a career in the industry he'll now probe.

A former chief of the
Environmental Protection Agency, Reilly currently serves on the board
of directors of:


DuPont, which provides technologies for oil and gas extraction

Energy Future Holdings, a Texas-based electric utility company

Reilly was also a founding partner of Aqua International Partners,
an investment group with interest in water and renewable energy.
The PEU Report
runs the numbers on what these positions might be worth to Reilly in
terms of board compensation and his stockholdings. (Short answer: A


Rachel's frustration was palpable. She asked Graham how could the government greenlight additional offshore drilling as it has just done if it's concerned with safety? Graham gave a traditional politician's answer about how they were going to look into this and that and what needs to be done. That's like answering the question WHAT THE F#CK ARE YOU DOING? with Well, I'm going to be looking into what I am doing and asking myself some hard-hitting questions on the topic and I will get back to you on what the f#ck I am doing as soon as I can be more certain.

It became quite clear, on his 500th day in office, that Obama is dishonest and ineffective--possibly on purpose to payback his sponsors. From the appointment of an oil man to police an oil company alone! It's truly outrageous. I so wanted to believe in this man but good ole boys come in all colors, it seems.

To echo the sentiments of green960.com radio host Karel, it's been 500 days so where's the change we can believe in? Is this what we get with a democratic president whose very race indicated change when elected, and who had the benefit of a democratic super majority in Congress? What have we gotten after 500 days?

Another empty promise to repeal DODT?

An excuse for health care reform because our politicians, Obama included, have taken so much $ from insurance/big pharma that they can't legislate in the interest of our health and pocketbooks?

Middle of the road supreme court appointees who will sit on that bench making huge decisions about all of our lives for decades?

And now a pitifully corrupt response to the Gulf spill? That ain't change--IT'S GEORGE W. BUSH ALL OVER AGAIN!

O-bum-a needs to hear from you.