June 01, 2010


So BP's stock dropped lower than it has been in 18 years and the EPA fines alone could total 10 billion. That's not counting clean-up costs, individual law suits, and states' loss of tourism suits. Or criminal costs, if any. Think they'll file bankruptcy and walk away scot-free? I know that legislation has been introduced in Congress to reduce BP's 75 million liability cap.

ALSO: This info from Green960.com's Thom Hartman:

BP could have picked from 18 different dispersants. Out of that 18, 12 were proven more effective on Louisiana crude and 2 of them were 100% effective on this type of oil. So why did BP choose a chemical which was only 63% effective? Because BP has close ties to the manufacturer of the less effective dispersant. Flagrant lack of concern!

Oil plumes will wipe out entire species yet BP still denies that they exist. It's time for their ridiculous pronouncements to be coming from a jailhouse.


"Every fish and invertebrate contacting the oil is probably dying. I
have no doubt about that," said Prosanta Chakrabarty, a Louisiana State
University fish biologist.


THE NERVE: BP head wants his life back?!? Tell it to the ocean, fucker! We are so sorry to trouble your highness with our little old eco-systems. But I do hope that none of his Memorial Day festivities were thrown off by the greatest environmental disaster of our time. That would be so thoughtless of that pesky spill!