June 01, 2010


I loved Dolly's Ann Jillian wig period. And how ill is Dolly's monogrammed show wear? I love both of these gals, but cringed a little reading the segment of Dolly's recent Oprah segment below. I guess it was meant to be self-deprecating but also endear her to recession-era fans? Because all of her clothes have been made for her for decades--she does not shop at Walmart.

On coming from extreme poverty to making millions of dollars:
"It's hard for me to spend a huge amount on one outfit, like to go to
Beverly Hills and say, 'Oh, there's a coat for $5,000.' I'd rather go
to Walmart and get a whole bunch of stuff, cause it's all gonna look
the same on me. I'm gonna look cheap no matter what I wear!"