August 05, 2007


I have never watched the TV show. I knew it was clever, but I couldn't get past the look of the cartoon. Growing up with the lovingly animated classics from Disney and Looney Tunes, I took me ages before I could embrace computer animation of any kind. Compared to shows like the Jetsons, in which even the backgrounds could be photographed and framed, the Simpsons seemed especially minimal. So I guess this dumb bunny foolishly judged that book by it's cover and missed out on years of great humor! Oh well! Better late than never!


I still don't love the look of the Simpsons--for some reason it initially reminded me of Fido Dido--remember that minimally drawn 80's clothing line?--but it's much richer on a big screen. And there is a new gag every second! Sometimes, the lack of detail forces you to focus on the details which ARE there--usually a punchline on a balloon which floats by in the background or an easily-missed book cover. It really zings along with the zingers and keeps you on your toes. Lahoma van Zandt's always sung the show's praises so I knew it was smart, but I had no idea it was so irreverent. I totally shut down popular sitcoms after the 80's began, except for THE NANNY and MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, which I loved because the family members hated each other. (Note to self: speak to therapist about that.) There's a lot of that family feuding going on in The Simpsons, too, with Marge as the voice of reason which pulls them all together. And what a voice! Possibly because I did not grow up around many jewish folk in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I was fascinated by the New York-y RHODA and Julie Kavner (aka Marge), who played the dumpy sister to Rhoda's gypsy head-kerchief and hoop earring-wearing interior designer. Now Julie is ruling the nation with a hit TV show and the #1 movie in the world! I'm so thrilled for her. Doing voiceovers, she allowed her talent to flourish despite the fact that she wasn't a beauty. Atta girl!

And through all the laughs and the lightning pace, there's even a message! And it's an anti-government message at that--when Homer finally joins his family in saving their town against a deceitful regime which doesn't have the public interest at heart. WHAT A GREAT MESSAGE! (Hint, hint!) MAYBE WE SHOULD ALL GET INVOLVED WITH FIGHTING OUR OWN DECEITFUL GOVERNMENT!!! The majority of the country is against the Iraq war but unless we get involved and start fighting what we know is wrong, the deceitful side is going to win. And speaking of deceitful, the film even lampoons Fox, it's own network. I guess when you're on top you can do whatever the fuck you want. I'd recommend this to anyone over 6, though I hope that The Simpson's development with Fox doesn't translate to Fox getting a financial cut so it can deceive more of us with it's rotten "news." If that's the case then buy the bootleg! But see this film! Loads of fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Simpsons, can't wait to see the film, but I will wait while it comes out on DVD, then I can masturbate over Homer in the privacy of my own home.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the look of the Simpsons, all the bright blue, yellow, and pink, and the goggly pop eyed characters & their individual traits conveyed so completely & so economically. You wrote off 18 years of the best show ever on TV!

12:43 AM  

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