July 03, 2007


I'm so sick of the news reporting on the US military's daring rescue missions. There was a helicopter rescue today, and a highly publicized rescue attempt a few weeks ago when 4 soldiers went missing. Today, after a report from Barbara Starr, CNN's Pentagon correspondent, the anchor commented on how extraordinary the lenghts that the military goes to protect it's own. "That's what they do", Barbara chimed in proudly after the disgustingly cheery, frog-faced Tony Roberts expressed his amazement over how thorough the rescue efforts are. As if we need a Pentagon correspondent who is a cheerleader for the war machine!

I wouldn't be surprised if they cooked up the dramatic rescues just to put a friendly face on the failing surge. But if they really cared so much about the soldiers, why not give them proper body armor? Or send them to Iraq with a plan unlike the current one, which ignored warnings of civil war? Or not increasing the lengths of the soldiers' tours of duty and decreasing their time off between deployments? Or just not flying them around the world for them to die for nothing but greed for oil in the first fucking place?


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Bunny, I love your politics.

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