July 03, 2007


From Gawker:

A man who ended the career of a C.I.A. agent in an attempt to forestall criticism of manipulated and outright false intelligence designed to lead this country into a war it did not need to fight, and then lied about it, will spend less time in prison than Paris Hilton.

Joe Biden is urging everyone to contact the White House to express outrage over Libby's pardon. If you are so inclined, here's the info:

Phone: 202-456-1111
Email: comments@whitehouse.gov


Blogger KingRoper said...

At the risk of having a file opened with my name on it -but if there's not one already, I'd be disappointed - I sent an email to the White House expressing my anger.

I received a 'thanks for the message, but we are too busy to respond' email within 5 seconds.

3:52 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

I got the same message instantly, and they may never read ours. But hopefully, they'll at least count them. And then laugh heartily! --LB

6:42 PM  

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