June 30, 2007


Actually, it's a donkey in "drag" in Columbia, where a traditonal rite of male passage involves getting a real piece of ass. That's right, DONKEY-FUCKING! This is a little long (in 3 parts) but I really love their style of reporting--with cuss words! Plus, those Columbian guys are hot and have the cheapest drugs on the planet. Makes a girl wanna head down there and make a real ass of herself on vacation. Kind of like a reverse ZOO effect.

Check it out at WORLDOFWONDER.NET, but bear in mind that PART 1 is not too graphic if you wanna cut to the action, you perverts!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The donkey could have shown a bit more enthusiasm instead of just standing there chewing on leaves the spoilt whore!

5:36 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Yeah, but they might be coca leaves! Coca products have been known to get one in the mood. --LB

6:19 PM  

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