December 27, 2006



This gracious lady was kin enough to interview me for her long-running cable TV show UNDER THE PINK CARPET. The capret was heavy and being underneath it our speech during the interview is a little garbled. Get it? I pretended like she was interviewing me from underneath a pink carpet. Ha ha! Expect more gems of this calibre during the interview! Also features tons more performers, and Ken Bullock as hillbilly supermodel Ragu Mountain Woman was worth tuning into for alone!


Here's the details:

Our episode opens with a bash as we bring you inside one of New York’s hottest celebrity birthday parities. Tony Sawicki and Clover Honey are the special guests of Randy Jones, the original Cowboy for The Village People, who celebrated both his birthday and new CD release with a wild Manhattan soiree! The celebrity studded extravaganza was attended by the glitterati of NYC at the famous Gypsy Tea nightclub in Chelsea. Tony and Clover tour the crowd and interview the “beautiful people,” including sizzling underwear model, television personality, and former Mr. Teen New Jersey Keith Collins, Keith’s fiance Jill Michele Melean of Reno 911 and MAD TV, former Dell Computer TV pitchman Ben Curtis, actor Nathan Lee Graham (who starred in Sweet Home Alabama and Zoolander), and Jackie Lee Smith of the Ritchie Family. Our party segment wraps as Tony and Clover Honey get fresh with red hot Playgirl Magazine centerfold, Danny Lopes!

Next, correspondent Stephanie Butler visits Chelsea Studios and attends the rehearsal of New York’s hottest new dance company, the MENhattans, as they prepare for their Carnegie Hall debut at a New York City Gay Men’s Chorus concert. The MENhattans are an all-male precision chorus line created by famous Broadway Choreographer and Radio City Rockette, Ann Cooley-Presley. Stephanie interviews Ann and three of her spirited, charming, and very sexy dancers. Stephanie asks, “Is New York ready for an all-Male version of The Rockettes?” The answer is “YES!”

Then, correspondent Robin Cloud attends the sizzling anniversary celebration for Go NYC magazine at Crobar nightclub in NYC’s Chelsea district. Robin parties with hundreds of women, including “Celesbians” (Celebrity Lesbians) Jackie Warner from Bravo TV’s Work Out, Michelle Wolf from Here! TV’s Dante’s Cove, the beautiful Kim Stolz from America’s Next Top Model, and UPC’s first lesbian correspondent Michele Balan, now a star on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Go NYC is a listings and entertainment magazine that promotes and celebrates NYC Lesbian life, and their anniversary party is one of the most anticipated annual events in Lesbian culture – we take you inside and behind the scenes!

Finally, Tony Sawicki and Clover Honey attend the premiere of LOL (Laugh OUT Loud), a Comedy showcase at Comix Comedy club in the “Meatpacking District” of Manhattan. Here, we conduct exclusive interviews with legendary Drag Icon Lady Bunny of Wigstock fame, and comedian/broadcast personality/author Frank DeCaro currently of Sirius Satellite Radio. Also, we present some of the queerest, edgiest, and funniest highlights from the show, which included The Dueling Bankheads, Julie Goldman, Gay Gangsta Rapper Mint Tea, Brenda Bergman and The Bodacious Tatas, Mike Albo, and others.

The next new episode (#406) of Under the Pink Carpet will be broadcast on:

Thurs., January 11 at 10:30 PM on Time Warner Manhattan Cable Channel 34 in New York City.

Fri., January 12 at 9 PM on WYBE PBS TV analog Channel 35, digital Channel 34 in the Greater Philadelphia / South Jersey / Delaware Valley area.

Sunday, January 21 at 11 PM on KBDI PBS TV on Channel 12 in the Greater Denver Colorado area.

Check January listings for Out TV cable network in Canada and Australia and FSTV (Free Speech TV) Dish Satellite network.

Under the Pink Carpet, (Episode #406) hosted from XES Lounge (157 West 24th Street, Chelsea-New York City.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh, how I miss Ragu Mountain Woman!!!

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hasn't she heard of youtube? Can Bunny get the powers that be to post it so we can watch it ONLINE?? :D

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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