November 25, 2006


They graft 'em off yo head! The funny thing is, the end result pic doesn't make the procedure look very effective. They've done it for years on burn victims, but since they take the new lashes from head hair, it continues to grow and therefore must be regularly cut and curled to match your original thin lashes. Otherwise it might look like a combover toupe--on your eyes!

We are given ridiculous images on mascara commercials--whouldn't it be considered false advertising to show lengthening, strengthening mascara commercials in which the girls, as they usually are, wearing false eyelashes. The asians want thicker, longer, lashes and curly hair. The blacks want thinner noses, straighter hair and lighter skin. The whites want fuller lips, more exotic cheekbones and tans. Let's all become the same race!

By Julie Scelfo Newsweek

Nov. 17, 2006 - Ever since she was a child, Alevé Loh, a 30-year-old marketing manager in Los Angeles, wanted thicker eyelashes. "I'm half Asian and I've got those Asian eyelashes, very short and straight. My best friend always had amazing huge, big eyelashes. I was like 'I want those!'”



Blogger archive said...

But the insidious thing about

those commercials is that, unlike

you and I, the consumers these ads

target do not know or realize that

the tv models are all lashed up

then run out and buy the mascara,

bring it

out to the car ripping it out of

the packaging to apply it in the

rear view mirror only to be

disappointed to see that their own

unremarkable lashes are now

unremarkable lashes clumped with

wet black goo

10:14 AM  

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