May 13, 2006


This gospel sangin' gal's got all the moves, from voguing to stripper to classic drag lip-synch choreography to karate chops--all in one song! And that song isn't A Taste of Honey's drag classic SUKIYAKI. Once known as one of the nation's top karate experts, Tonie has now denounced the martial arts in the name of the Lord, and even written a book (THE DARK SIDE OF KARATE) which clears up all the issues that a devout Christian who's trying to reconcile their love of karate with their faith must wrestle with. In other words, don't look for this book any the best-seller list.

Issues like:

* Learn why Tonie won't teach karate today and wants to warn others about it.

* Learn how many occult/New Age ideas and techniques popular today entered the United States through the martial arts and how to identify them.

* Learn about the powerful influences of feminism and lesbianism, the dangers of some Eastern religious techniques, and the real meaning of the popular dragon symbol in the martial arts.

* Hear Biblical answers to “hard” questions, such as the use of martial arts techniques for police, the military, women, and children.

The book is actually sounding better. (Hint! Hint! My birthday's in August!) A few of the chapters:

1 ● Enter the Dragon. Tonie is ripe to train to kill.

2 ● Embracing the Fire: / The Woman & the Movement. Enter the Dragon spearheaded a worldwide martial arts revival.

3 ● Winds of Change. Inside the martial arts.

4 ● Root to Flower. Tonie only wants to learn self-defense but instead ends up in the New Age. Why?

5 ● The Way of the Dragon. The old Amazon legends are providing countless women with warlike role models today.

6 ● The Dragon Returns. Tonie’s own game of death was well underway with a broken marriage, six abortions, and lesbianism when she met Jesus Christ.

What's insane is that she's now singing gospel music, complete with karate-like movements which just have to be seen to be believed. But she does get that good spin in at the end. But after watching the video again and googling Tonie, she's actually lip-synching to Vickie WInans and using sign language, which she learned so that her hands could be used to teach instead of harm with demonic Eastern occultish martial arts. I'm sure it's one the best shows that the Singing Hands ministry for the deaf has ever seen, but it remains an exercise in lunacy, if ya ask me. And speaking of lunacy, can someone explain her Robin Hood-ish oaf's hat?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is she doing? She should know that when she holds her arms out to the sides and jiggles her belly fat, she is leaving her center line wide open for Satan's attack. Yee-ah! Thank the Lord she's not a lesbian anymore.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think she may have quit doing karate so she could gain weight. That moo-moo thing she's wearing, let's face it, you cannot make those things attractive...I don't care how much you embellish the neckline or use a dye technique, it's still a shapeless sack with a head and arm holes.

I don't know what the hat is either. Maybe she was dusting that morning and forgot it was on her head. Or maybe it fell down from a shelf and she had no idea it was there.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, can anyone verify whether these antics were exhibited before or AFTER she was accidentally exposed toa viewing of "Rated X for Extra retarded"?

3:38 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is just another person using Christianity to make a buck. She is not trying to convince anyone that martial arts are bad...because they are not. From one very deeply Christian 7th degree black belt who would not give it up unless the Lord told me to and he guided me to become the teacher I am today to help others. Get a life. this is pathetic.

2:37 AM  

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