May 10, 2006


These nuts assembled 80 members of their IMPROV EVERYWHERE comedy troupe to put on Best Buy employee looks and enter the store pretending to work there--until they were kicked out by the puzzled employees. The story, with photos, is pretty hysterical.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I felt so renegade reading about their experiences and just about worked myself into an adrenalin fit scrolling down through the accounts of the best buy happening.

Sounds like an outlaw party without the retarded drag, drugs and blood although tucked in royal blue polos are fairly retarded. It's such a Tennessee Sunday go to church look.

It's refreshing to hear that an faceless unyielding corporate behemoth got taken back to school by an enlivened group of good spirited pranksters.

Reminds me of when I used to run through K and Wal Marts paging Donatella Versace and Martha Stewart to ladies naughty underthings for a price check. The last time I did that I heard the voice of a manager come over the loud system, "Star Queen to the Customer Service desk, please" He was a fag what had saw me shows and heard me gabbing on the microphone down to the gay bar.

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