May 09, 2006


A horrible thing has happened. Legendary drag performer of Escuelita fame has been fighting a vicious battle with HIV for years and recently almost succumbed to the disease while hospitalized. What bad luck! We were almost rid of her once and for all and somehow, she began to improve slowly. But she still needs help getting back on her big-ass feet while she recuperates. And just because you have AIDS doesn't mean that your PCP addiction disappears, and it's such a hard drug to find hard and very expensive these days. She also needs help with her evil attitude and hateful sass-mouth, but let's take it one problem at a time. If you can't make one of the events but are a fan who still wants to help out, you can either make a donation or purchase one of her insane videos on her website: HARMONICASUNBEAM.COM as you can see from the mismatched gold shoes worn with a silvery gray dress in this photo, Harmoica will probably also accept doantions of size 12 high heels or a gold dress.

May 18 at Langston's (Brooklyn)
May 22 at Love (Manhattan)

Harmonica Sunbeam, one of New York’s fiercest and funniest comediennes and gender illusionists, is on hiatus from the stage; too frail to work while recuperates from HIV-related complications. Thankfully, she’s on the mend, but she’s racked up some serious medial bills. Harmonica is also one of the millions of Americans who can’t afford health insurance, and if she ain’t on stage, her bills ain’t paid, OK? So some of her friends and fans have organized two benefits to help her out during her time of need so she can stay afloat. Harmonica has dazzled audiences for years, from her long-term residence at La Escuelita to Gay Pride celebrations around the nation to Wigstock, and now she needs your help. Please help pay her back for all the laughs she’s provided us, and make it out to one of the two benefits. One’s in Brooklyn, and one’s in Manhattan.

Performers and DJs are still being confirmed, but check out harmonica’s website for up to the minute additions:


Thursday, May 18, 2006

1073 Atlantic Ave. between Franklin Ave. and Classon Ave.
Minimum donation $10.

Presented and hosted by Master Rob and friends

Performances at 11:30 sharp by:
Darryl D’Bonneau
Tyra Allure
Karen Covergirl
Rapper Shorty Roc
Jevon Dijonae
Miss Lady Pearl

DJs include:
LA Thomas
Ken Terry
Fred Pierce
DJ Angel C
DJ Unknown

Press contact: Master Rob at (917) 548-3389.


Monday, May 22, 2006
“Love for Harmonica”

40 West Eighth Street at MacDougal Street (entrance on MacDougal Street)
9pm until the party ends!
Suggested donation: $10

Performances by: Sherry Vine, Dirty Martini, the World Famous *BOB*, and Black Doll, with many more to yet be confirmed!

DJs: Fred Pierce, Troy Parrish, Ken Terry, DJ Relentless, Steve “Chip-Chop” Gonzalez, Adam Goldstone.

Plus special giveaways and prizes.

We would like to acknowledge Love's owner Steven Weber, who has *very* generously given us use of the space for this benefit and is donating the entire bar's profits as well as the door to Harmonica. Now that's "love!"


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2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harmonica, You are a Celebrity and we love you all over the world. We are praying for you and once you think positive and keep happy you will live a long life. Dont worry about the detractors because you are one fine girl.

2:52 PM  
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