May 07, 2006

IF YOU THINK THIS IS A FREAK...'re right. It's a myspace buddy named FADE-RA. (I wonder if that's an internet-speak spelling of Phaedra, and if so, is Phaedra possibly referring to the Phaedra mentioned in the Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood tripped-out tune which the late great Wendy Wild (boo hoo!) once sang with the Fleshtones/The Mad Violets at an early Wigstock. Or is FADE-RA a fan of greek mythology? Someone please research this and get back to me by the end of the day as it plainly affects our national security. OK, so I'm a freak, too. But no one can trump these fucking freaks, shot in an 80's SoCal dance/therapy course in which the participants are encouraged to "FREAK OUT." I hereby dedicate the posting of this video to BEME SEED, my old roommate from Atlanta who could've taught the class in this video. Originally known as Kathleen Lynch, according to TROUSERPRESS , She's also known as

"the Stripper," whose stage antics helped propel Butthole Surfers to infamy. In most ways, her band is on its own plane — the quartet opened an entire tour for the Surfers simply by showing up at gigs unannounced, setting up and playing. Lacking the minimal organization of even the Sun City Girls, Beme Seed captures unique psychic qualities on its three opaque and unsettling records.

For starters, Beme Seed is one long, orgiastic tuneup, with lots of chanting and squealing over guitar feedback and erratic pulsing rumble. Lynch's band has the same paranormal quality as her dance act. The few snippets of sustained songs are simplistic and ceremonial-complete with speaking in tongues. Sounding more like a hazy memory than an actual recording of music, the album's unrelenting tension can be panic-inducing. Whether the band is coming or going, it leaves a bewildering impression."

BUNNY NOTE: So does Beme in her video GOD INSIDE , in which she sports a long, stringy beard, shaved eyebrows and aluminum teeth accents!

My, I've been blessed with the company of some top-notch freaks in my day! And as someone recently reminded me, I am credited on a Lunachicks album for a specialty burp I recorded on it! Who'd have thought that a disco queen like me would have connections with the underground rock scene??? I recently re-connected with Beme Lynch/Kathleen Seed on mspace. Her profile can be found here: BEMESEED


More freaks in this Lahoma Van Zandt-shot footage from one of Michael Alig's infamous outlaw parties. Michael's clever concept was that freaks en masse and en messe would descend on a public place whether McDonald's or a construction site. This one's located at a Times Square Twin Donut shoppe and features Leigh Bowery, James St. James, and Amanda LePore, who's coyly munching a donut!



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love you bunny!



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too much fun as always Bunny dear. Sadly, I now want a dounut or two :(
Biggggg Huggs,
chyna blue

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Blogger JSN KWD said...

finally! michael alig footage that wasn't shot by nelson sullivan!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Lenoraclaire--I am googling "Addicted to Dirt" now! Sounds rotten!

And breadmaker, Lahoma and I were actually Nelson's roommates at the time this was shot. She didn't shoot as much as he did, but I think she was a little more inventive as a camera person. And I had to watch Nelson's footage unedited!!! --B

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