May 05, 2006


Just when you thought RuPaul and Amanda LePore had cornered the plastic pussy market, along comes a full liine of dyke dolls. This here's Diesel Dyke!

Look out Billy and Carlos! These girls even come with accessories. Like scarves, jewelry and purses, you ask? Hell no! Like dildoes, you dumb-ass!

Please clarify, lesbian readers. Are they putting the dildo-holding harnesses on over the underwear so that the fake dick can't penetrate the cunt of the dildo wearer cuz she is the top? Or is that just for modesty?

Another burning question. They offer a Baby Dyke collection which includes this corn-rowed, sporty doll named Badness, which is offered in either a purple uniform or in teal. Uh, since when do dykes have enough fashion sense to choose between two colors? I'm kidding. But it reminds me of an old Barbara Patterson Lloyd joke.

"I walked into a store and saw a dress I liked. I asked the clerk if they had it in teal. And she said until when?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally, I now know what to get my grandma for Xmas.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha- like a cross between posh spice, and DJ Irene!

6:32 AM  

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