May 07, 2006


I know I do! Here is a site with plenty of peppy dance music to make those chores zip by! Most of the dj's sets are available with a choice of play, download or mp3. I don't know what that means exactly, but for now, it will have to mean, if my computer-ignorant ass can manage to make 'em play, then anybody's ass can!


It's got WBMX vintage mixes from Frankie Knuckles, Farley Jackmaster Funk, and one of my fav's, which is by Ralphie Rosario.


This 80's musical revival is so annoying to me because I was around in the '80's, and trust me, so little of the good dance music from then is being revived! Want an excellent refresher? This mix from Ralphie ends with one ghastly song, but honey! It takes you on a a journey back to 1986 which kicks off with Alicia Myers' (of I WANT TO THANK YOU fame) YOU GET THE BEST FROM ME (SAY IT) and revisits some stompers like Stephanie Mills' THE MEDICINE SONG, Loleatta Holloway's explosive freestyle number CRASH GOES LOVE, and that unbelievable jam which I can't identify by name, but it's the hook is "I'm so glad I got you/You're my wonderful/Wonderfu-u-l"

Here's a mix of new, soulful house by Lisa Moody, Ultra Nate's dj partner at their regular Sugar party in Balltimore.


If rare, classic disco and funk is your cup of tea, this divine mix by John Crockett wil do the trick. This is my introduction to Mr. Crockett, who has always been spoken of in reverent terms in the dance community. Now I know why! He kills on this mix. And remember that Ashford and Simpson review I posted a week ago? This fool has even included an Ashford and Simpson album cut which I mentioned, GET UP AND DO SOMETHING. This must be heard by everyone NOW!


This mix by Lee Collins starts with a mix of Faith Evans underrated recent release MESMERIZED. The album version was heard briefly on MTV around Xmas, and the Freemason's remix is fun, but whatever version Lee's set begins with cannot be touched. Can someone please tell me where I can go in NYC to hear music lke this? Until I find out, at least there's this great site. With this smokin' Faith remix. Click here if you don't believe me:




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always fondly remember Frankie Knuckles' "the whistle song" lilting gently across the dance floor at boybar in the early nineteen nineties

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the John Crockett mix - I'm in heaven.

oh, and the blog is pretty fucking good too. x

6:50 AM  

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