December 04, 2005


Anyone know what clubs these were?

fromm's newsletter: (Great quote at the end!)

New York's Party Police Raid Eight East Village Bars

Cops and council officials from New York's infamous MARCH (Multi-Agency Response
to Community Hotspots) swarmed into eight bars in Greenwich Village and the
Lower East Side last weekend, prompting the Village Voice to declare 'the
Party's over: fun ends in NYC forever'.

The paper suggested local cops have been becoming 'increasingly aggressive'
towards nightlife again in recent months, and said many bar owners are concerned
about their overzealous behaviour.

"This knee-jerk reaction destroys nightlife in New York," one bar manager told
the Voice, "We aren't police. We can't control people on the street. There needs
to be some sort of partnership between police and bar owners."

Nightlife columnist Matt Kalkhoff, who reports primarily on Manhattan's gay
scene, shared the Voice's concerns that the raids could be 'a sign that another
Giuliani-style anti-nightlife crusade is looming', though also suggested the
raids could be a cyclical thing. He also remained upbeat about Pacha's imminent
opening, telling Skrufff he expects it to be unaffected by the latest crackdown
(not least because the mid town club is based in a different cops' precinct to
the one affected by the latest raids).

"There's definitely a major buzz about Pacha," said Matt.

" I think it's definitely going to be the biggest opening night party this town
has seen since Crobar's three years ago." ('New York City May
Reconsider 'Illicit' Activity of Dance: "The cabaret law itself is absurd.
It's totalitarian. Two years ago the only places it was illegal to dance were
Manhattan and Afghanistan. And now you can dance in Afghanistan. .')


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this from the Village Voice:

On November 12, a combination of police, fire, and health and buildings inspectors (the dreaded MARCH—Multi-Agency Response to Community Hotspots) raided eight bars around the East Village, issuing 79 violations to six of them: Babel, Horus, Sutra, the Library, Rififi (Cinema Classics), and Rue B; Remote and Bar None escaped unticketed. Ninth Precinct police also visited No. 1 Chinese on Avenue B and Sophie's on East 5th Street on November 12, and Scenic on Avenue B on November 19. And, as predicted here, the dreaded cabaret law is back. Rififi was cited for operating as an unlicensed cabaret.

full story at,romano,70486,15.html

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Matt. She's a fu(kin wh0re.

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Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Really? What's her #? --B

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