March 09, 2005


A stoner in Estonia! A no-talent in Tallinn! "AND I AM TALINN YOU, I'M NOT GOIN'!" I can't believe that I actually performed in the capitol Talinn in February--at a straight club, no less! I'm not sure they understood all of my act (I'm not sure that any audience ever has!), but certain "sight-gags" (emphasis on the gag) like squirting breast-milk out of fake boobs to the tune of MILKSHAKE seemed to translate fairly well.

I had mentioned to the Martin Kala, the promoter, that I wanted to videotape myself in a peasant ensemble cycling around. Well, it was snowing so there was no cycling, but Martin actually arranged to borrow some traditional Russian and Estonian drag from their cultural institute and we did a retarded photo shoot--the photos below. The saddest effect was the 2-inch thick woollen stockings crammed into my Frederick's of Hollywood lucite pumps--so wrong! As if my feet need help looking bigger!


Blogger Kelly said...

Hello! I love the pictures! Also, I have a picture of u and I from new years at Play!

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fellating Estonian kindling. That's fantastic. I snotted from both nostrils when I scrolled down and saw that one. Too bad you didn't have some pudding and an owl.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello lady u r beatifull.
Fans from Miami

7:42 PM  
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