March 07, 2005


March 8th on WB at 8:00.

From the NY Times:
"The Starlet," a WB reality show that applies the "American Idol" formula to would-be Hollywood actresses, begins with a cautionary face: the masklike visage of Faye Dunaway, eyes pulled so tight and jaw so taut that she can show expression only through her voice. Luckily, it is still a fine instrument. When Ms. Dunaway eliminates a contestant in the climactic "You're fired" moment of each episode, she lets the timbre fall into a smoky, menacing whisper. "Don't call us," she says. "We'll call you."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I accidentally watched a tenth of it last night for the first time.

The unnaturally gorgeous contestants were "challenged" to appear bikini clad in a Garnier Fructis commercial.

A portion of each contestant's commercial was broadcast then cut to the judges for criticism.

Vivica A. Fool wore an off one shoulder slut rig printed with small circular shapes centrally placed over her left tit and yammered incessantly finding the same fault with two contestants saying something like "you looked good but you did this thing with your hands that really bothered me."

The "judge" in the middle may have been someone drafted from the craft service to fill a space between Dunaway and Vomica A. Hoax.

Each time the scene cut to an anachronistically bouffanted Faye for comment she removed her spectacles in a melodramatic manner reminiscent of her role as Joan "My compliments to Chadwick on its impeccable reputation" Crawford.

As contestants responded to Dunaway's pointed queries the scene cut back to Joan-I mean, Faye, as she seemed to attempt to assasinate the contestants using only her whacko, petulant gaze.

The Starlet is macabre. Each losing contestant was filmed as she simpered sadly away to collects her things. It seems contrived and vindictive.

I am hard pressed to come up with any replacements for Vomica A. Fool and the gaffer in the middle that might make this concept work. Betty White and Bill Murray?

2:00 PM  
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