March 06, 2005


I look at footage of that dithering old pope shaking that ball on a stick in a ceremonial robe and think "Who's buying this crap?" Doesn't it seem like complete mumbo jumbo to you? I'm with Sinead O'Connor! Actually, with the OLD Sinead, who ripped the pope's photo on SNL--now SHE'S a catholic priest! Catholicism must use some very effective brainwashing techniques because this hogwash sticks with many catholics for life. Sometimes, like Madonna/Esther, they even find the religious imagery entertaining and make it part of their schtick. Well, at least until they switch to a trendier religion which lets you wear cute red strings on your wrist.

But the Vatican's mumbo jumbo isn't just nonsense, it can be life-threatening. Even in countries where AIDS infection is rampant, the Vatican opposes condom distribution. They even go one step further. Last year, Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, president of the Vatican's Pontifical Coucil for the Family, told the BBC that condoms actually help spread AIDS. Look, worship however you want, but why in hell would you worship someone who lies? I guess the Vatican would rather have people die of AIDS than compromise their doctrines, kind of like how they'd rather defend child-molesting priests than do away with them, until mounting public concern forces them to confront the issue. So let's confront the liars!

Form Newsweek: "The World Health organization responded by calling the cardinal's statements 'incorrect' and 'dangerous'. AIDS killed a a record 3 million worldwide this year and infected 5 million more. With Catholics for a Free Choice declaring in it's (ABSTINENCE HAS A HIGH FAILURE RATE) ads that "cardinals fail more than condoms" and the catholic leadership claiming prophylactics spread AIDS, the lives of millions may depend on whom the faithful choose to believe."

In parts of Africa, men believe that the cure for AIDS is fucking a virgin girl, INCLUDING INFANTS! (Jeez! I'm a full-grown bottom and can barely take a big black dick!) Should a church really be adding to the dangerous falsehoods on this AIDS-stricken continent? Or any other continent, for that matter! Cuz let's not forget that born-again George Bush also pushes abstinence. It's time to hold these "world leaders", who care more about pushing their antiquated doctrines than our lives, fully accountable for their deadly positions on AIDS. Amen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Dubya's darling daughters have their beau's use condoms.

As for Catholicism, fuck that crap. An antiquated cult of child molesters that has nothing better to do than find the devil in gay folk!

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In his native Colombia, cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo was known as "Cardinal Avianca" (Avianca is the country´s largest airline) due to his fondness of airtravel...executive class only. The guy is a power hungry bitch famous for threatening priests and others who stood in his rise to power...a book published about his excesses was put out of print by his powerful friends. But here´s the juiciest part, he´s a fag...he had several lovers and gossip says that he took one of his lovers to the Vatican and now the guy has a high ranking post, oh, and he likes ´em young.

10:19 PM  
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