March 01, 2005


From the second you hear that raggedy-ass horn sample, J-Lo's new video GET RIGHT does just what the title says. And when the beat kicks in mixing a clubbier 4/4 beat on the choruses, this track sizzles! I played this when dj'ing in Albuquerqe this past Saturday and the crowd went nuts! Both of them! (So glad that with smashes like CRAZY IN LOVE, HEY YA and this one, hip-hop/r&b is finally experimenting with some faster tempos! Remember how impossibly slow J-Lo's I'M GLAD and I'M REAL (BORING) cuts from the last album were?) Talk about back with a vengeance!

I know that people claim Jennifer can't sing and her voice is thin, but she often picks great songs like her recording debut single IF YOU HAD MY LOVE. GET RIGHT is so hook-y that I can't remember one word from the verse or bridge except "sign on the dotted line". Certainly nothing as memorable as LOVE DON'T COST A THING's line "what I want from you is not available in stores". But the chorus is worth waiting for. Sung with tons of back-ups to boost her vox, she doesn't even have many (or any?) ad-libs, and it's so wordy I can barely distinguish any lyrics except "get right" and "oh-oh-oh". But it's a party when that chorus hits!

Then the dance break starts and J does what she does best. No, not breaking up with her husband or being a demanding bitch, just shakin' that world-famous ass! I usually hate that stiff, stylized Janet Jackson/ Britney/ In Stync style of choreography, but somehow this seems fresh and the moves really bring the track to life, from the runway strut that kicks ushers in the first chorus to that wild kick in the break. Say whatcha want about the voice, this bitch can outdance most other female superstars. Beyonce is better nowadays, but for a while it always looked like she was counting in her head trying to remember the choreography and feeling like her heels were to high. (So J, I'm glad I was able to help you out with the dance lessons on this one--they are really paying off!)

One guaranteed way to make sure that no extras steal any of your fire? Play every part, from the bored go-go dancer who brings her daughter to work--now I do not approve of underage girls in clubs, but underage boys are to be greatly encouraged! Sh'mon! Hee hee!--to the jaded bartender in a short wig, to the who-knows-what in an afro wig with tragic make-up, to a nerdy girl in a really wrong blonde wig drinking heavily--hey wait a minute--that's my act! J-Lo even makes the hideous combination of too short parachute pants with a drawstring hem worn with boots work somehow.