March 08, 2005


BEWITCHED was such a well-loved show that the upcoming remake starring Nicole Kidman is creating a quite a buzz. Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha was bewitching, but the show was also known for it's brilliant character actors. I got this from a website where fans offer their suggestions on who should be cast as what: "What about Charles Nelson Riley for Doctor Bombay or Uncle Arthur, somebody from the Valhalla of witty Americans? I would rather see Dame Edna or Lipsynka (sick) as Endora than Shirley "It Twirled Up" Maclaine. Or Murray Hill as Doctor Bombay and Lady Bunny Bunny as Samantha. Ooh, or what about Ellen Degeneres or Alice Ghostly as Gladys Cravitz. Oh, no wait. I got it. Bea Arthur as Endora. It has to be Bea."

Actually, I would KILL to play Endora, as I'm sure Lypstinka would, but I'm sure Shirley will nail it, if they even retain any of the show's original magic. (I'm told the script isn't too faithful to the tv classic. Surprise, surprise.) But they did get one thing right. Amy Sedaris will play Gladys Cravitz! (Jackie Hoffman would have been amazing, too.) While web-surfing I found which is even more devoted to Bewitched than I am, detailing individual episodes. Here are some pix from "Gladys Moments".

ALICE PEARCE as the first Gladys:

SANDRA GOULD as the second:

And if you're really bored, there is a drag queen named Gladys Kravitz who hosts karaoke in DC and can be found at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bunny, I am gagging. I can't believe you found that and posted it on your web site. It was I who suggested all those possibilities. Unbelievable. Call me.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Lady Bunny, once again you are "the tipping point". My brother and I have been calling each other gladys kravitz for years. You're finally giving her the retrospective she so richly deserves!

8:20 PM  
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